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The HPWT service provider was called in by Adult Protective Services when it was discovered that Janet’s granddaughter had been using Janet’s charge card without her permission.

Further investigation revealed that Janet’s granddaughter had not only made these charges but had opened additional accounts using Janet’s name and Social Security number.  After reviewing several credit reports, it was discovered that the total amount of all the fraudulent charges exceeded $30,000.

The HPWT service provider began contacting the credit card reporting agencies and credit card companies, and assisted Janet with preparing documentation, such as affidavits, which were submitted to the credit card companies and reporting agencies.

Janet was unsure if she wanted to pursue any action against her granddaughter.  This is often the case with elderly people; they are confused and uncertain of how (or why) they should counter this kind of elder abuse.  The HPWT service provider, working with APS, contacted the local police department.  After much patient discussion with Janet, she ultimately decided to press charges against her granddaughter, which allowed Janet’s credit history to be restored to its previous good standing.

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