…or a family member of an aging parent or close relative. As seniors age, their ability to handle the complex management of their personal and business affairs becomes an ever-increasing challenge. Paperwork abounds – Social Security, Medicare, secondary insurance, medical billing, banking, credit cards. Unfortunately, many seniors are intimidated by the bureaucracies and the confusing paperwork or may be in the early stages of dementia and, therefore, do not have the mental capability to navigate through these issues. Financial fraud by record keepers and caregivers can cost seniors some or all of their retirement savings, placing even more burdens on them and their loved ones.

Elderly senior couple with confusing paperwork

Adult children often want to help their aging parents and relatives but aren’t trained in how to deal with the various situations and agencies that seniors encounter daily. They may not know where to start and feel overwhelmed at their inability to be effective. At the time when seniors should be leaving behind the stress of their working years, they are hit with constant challenges that they may not be able to effectively manage without assistance.

Family members are usually too busy with jobs, children, and managing their own lives to do the required research and spend the time necessary to assist a senior parent or other relative. Therefore, hasty or uninformed decisions are made that can create major (and sometimes irreparable) problems in the long term.

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